Let us pamper you with an array of beneficial therapies:

One Hour Full Body Massage
Client, clothed or unclothed
on massage table

Neck and Shoulder Massage
10 minutes (Can be done in a
wheel chair or massage chair)

One Half-hour full body
clothed only

10 Minute Foot Massage

One Hour Reiki Session

10 Minute Hand Massage

What is Reiki? It a simple set of hand positions laid on the body. It is a non-invasive and gentle hands on healing modality done fully clothed on a massage table. Some benefits experienced are:

  • A reduction or elimination of stress and a sense of calmness and well being
  • Controlling pain associated with illness, accident, or as the result of surgery
  • Reduced healing time and post sugery
  • Complete relaxation during the session
  • Feeling serene

Gentle massage has many benefits for people as they age. Some of
these include: Better circulation; more oxygen to the heart, lungs,
and brain; leaves the person with a greater sense of well being; feel
rejuvenated and more focused; increased energy level.